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Indiana Digital Alternative School (INDA) knows success is not a single destination, and the journey can take many turns. But no matter the path, we believe in unlocking every learner’s potential by meeting them where they are and helping them reach their goals.

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As students enter high school, their work is increasingly independent. High school courses are designed for students targeting a four-year university, a local community college, or an immediate career. 

In high school courses, students:

  • Learn grade-level content
  • Complete coursework that might require writing or research projects
  • Tackle problems that require analytical thinking

Credit recovery courses are mastery-based and allow students to focus on the areas they need to review most  to recover credits at an accelerated pace.

*The K12 high school catalog is a complete list of the high school courses K12 provides. While UTVA offers a comprehensive selection of courses, not every K12 high school course is available to UTVA students. Information on specific courses of study and available electives are provided upon enrollment. For details, please speak to an enrollment consultant during the enrollment process.